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how it works
To design a logo, you have already approached someone with your idea…
A logo was designed for you, but later doubts appeared…
LOGOWATT will audit the logo and possibly create an alternative.
LOGOWATT is easy-going, happy to get involved in the logo design process. Absolutely not afraid of either the scale of the business or the deadlines for work, if the customer is aware of the value of the result of labor.
What's this?
Do you offer logos from clipart?!

– Run away from such a «design studio»! For example, to LOGOWATT…

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The first opinion about the brand, its logo
As a drawing begins with a stroke, so the opinion about a brand is formed at lightning speed by its logo and identity.
  • Delusion
    «Our logo is fine… No one is complaining. So why change? We are satisfied with everything», – a common misconception is self-deception among potential customers, in response to an offer from LOGOWATT.
  • Reality
    «Accepting the very thought of new acquisitions for the brand, of the benefits to the business with a logo redesign is a complex, balanced and effective action on the part of the customer,» – LOGOWATT.
The logo redesign will project an alternative reality to any project, moving into which the brand will open up new levels of development prospects. The cost of changing the logo certainly pays off. So is it worth postponing the decision?
graphic & web design
Logo redesign implies website redesign, and this is also the activity of LOGOWATT

What is


Profession differences
«Graphic Designer»
Graphic design is the visualization of ideas, the communication of information using graphics, illustrations, typography, other images, as well as diagrams, tables, etc. Graphic designers do not code, therefore, unlike web designers, their work is related to the creation graphics for websites and/or print.
Profession trends
«Graphic Designer»
Recently, the work of a graphic designer is increasingly combined with the work of a web designer. This is facilitated by both the development of website builder technologies and the slow extinction of the printed craft. The worlds of both professions converge, but there certainly have been and still are key differences between what a graphic designer creates and what a web designer does.

What is


Content Design
With the advent of clouds no-code platform resources for programming and website design, web designers have joined the ranks of graphic designers.
Previously, web designers had to have not only a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, but also the basics of programming languages ​​– JavaScript and PHP, and in special cases, even Python, C+, Arduino... Now, web designers can fully focus on the implementation of site design ideas and interaction with users, and leave the prerogative of programming site systems to programmers.
To easily express your creativity on the web, you can use the modern drag and drop website editor, no programming required. For example Squarespace, Tilda, etc..

Interface design

Web pages, unlike printed formats, are dynamic media that interact with users. This has defined the specializations of interface designers: UX – user interface designers based on the logic of user experience (how the interface works) and UI – user interface design based on various forms and methods in the overall style of the site or application (how the interface looks). And also, QA – testing the developments of UX/UI designers (finding hidden bugs is also an art).
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Logo Watt
founder and art director
In an animated sense, LOGOWATT is a creative person with artistic inclinations. For quite a long time he worked, without representation on the Internet, literally like a "shoemaker without boots" ... Adhering to the conviction "in life you need to do what works best", the author decided to create his own brand.

Being in an extreme region of the planet for creative personalities, the author does not consider it appropriate to identify a person. The result of services is more important than the impression from the face of the performer. Please contact through the site, I will definitely answer!