How Logowatt Works:
To create a logo or website, you have already approached someone with your idea.
A logo or website was designed for you, but later, you began to have doubts…
LOGOWATT will audit the logo or website and possibly make changes.

Update Your Logo

For Brand Value
Given the obvious need for logo redesign, the inherent skepticism among some managers leads to the preservation of a vacuum space within the brand philosophy, hindering the potential for enrichment.
Times change, as do people's opinions about the brand's modernity, as demonstrated by its emblem.

Do you doubt?
– It's okay, check with me.

The Value of Logo
    Just as a drawing begins with a stroke, so an opinion about a brand is formed at lightning speed by its logo – the main identity.
    We have enough customers, so the logo is not important.
    Is a typical misconception associated with a personal misunderstanding of the philosophy of brand image formation in the human mind based on graphic identity.
    Acceptance of the very idea and thoughts about opening prospects and new acquisitions for the brand, in connection with the logo redesign, by the customer is a fundamental basis for successful business scaling.

The Value of an Idea
The rebranding of Twitter is naturally linked to the rethinking of the social network: to become transparent and accessible to everyone, but the redesign of the logo is a clear example of how it was created to match “X-family”, with the global trend in design.
Obviously, this is more of a software logo than a social network logo.
What do you think – is this constructive or practical thinking?
The Value of Result
You can independently and almost for free get a logo and create a website using online template builders or AI, but...

You will have to accept the imperfect alignment of template solutions with your brand's philosophy and the lack of individuality in such a "professional" product. In the absence of ambition, simply live with it; if it's unacceptable, click the button...

Update Your Website
Updating a website while considering these 10 trends will help enhance your brand's appeal, increase user engagement, and achieve success in the online environment.
Website Updating Example:
Other examples of redesign work…
LOGOWATT can be part of your logo or website renovation project. Neither the scale of the work nor the deadlines for completing the tasks are embarrassing when the customer realizes the value of the results of my services.
Ask your question or describe the project
The answer will not be long in coming, we appreciate each other's time…
LOGOWATT does not collect or store anyone's personal data!
Logo Watt
“My experience as a designer is a snowball. With increasing mileage, there are more layers of related professions sticking together” (my essay, my copyright). I have been specializing in logo design and installation of no-code websites for more than 10 years (my Linked… in/puchenkin/ is an analogue of a portfolio with a work philosophy, links and an illustrated career history). I received my Green Card and SSN and moved to Prosper (TX) legally in early 2023.
  • Search for an employer
    I'm looking for a job with an employer who cares more about the result of my work than the temporary-entry level of my English. Prompt communication is available in Google Translate + Language Tool, but perhaps I should look for a job among the deaf and dumb as a “disabled person.” I would be grateful for advice or assistance in finding employment.
  • Where to begin
    With primary materials and introductory information about the goals of the business, without unnecessary words and prototyping (extra costs of the client’s budget), I assemble sites that work right away. I’m able to connect business goals with the expectations of service consumers. Absolutely the same perspective with logos and printed products* (* I practically don’t do this, as it’s something old and ruining nature)
  • Market assessment
    Sometimes I feel like a missionary: on any local small business website, 40–60 % of the time I find errors and 5–10 years behind current design trends. The same goes for their logos. It’s strange that even medium-sized and sometimes larger businesses in the States don’t care much about this.
  • Correcting someone else's work
    The most unpleasant job is to redo someone else's work, but not for me… On the contrary, I perceive it as an incentive to do better — to disassemble and correctly assemble such a puzzle, exactly what the client originally expected to receive! The redesign is in line with rebranding, an interesting topic because it ties into the related topic of marketing.
  • About the client's business area
    I love photography, I see how a living composition takes shape in a frame, and I catch such moments. I look forward to the time when I can sit down with brushes on canvas again. I’m a versatile creative person, familiar with the processes of an airport, airline, manufacturing, yacht club, rock bar, exhibitions, and print and online magazines.
  • My working tools
    Working on the iOS platform, it became more convenient for me to use Affinity (Photo, Designer) than its Adobe counterparts. I started with CorelDRAW on WIN95; in the future, I will master any tool for new tasks. Aviation education has made thinking universal and the attitude to work responsible.